Monday, October 16, 2006


This one is pushing my limits of "cuteness" but kids and kittens are cute darn it! We got a kitten on the weekend; his name is Dude. I did not choose the name. Anyway, the kids are 'smitten" with him so this is my illo for Friday.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Welcome Dude

The newest edition to the family - Dude. So far his likes are sleeping, eating and exploring. He's a great little kitty. Thanks Mindy!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Sure, Mary had a bit of trouble with the vino, but she had nooooo trouble creating magnificent molds - or is that moulds? - or both? - in her spiffy new gas-powered kitchen!

I had wanted to do something with pop-o-matic Trouble cos I LOVE that game - pop a six and you move twice - and that bubble with the dice - nothing like it since...ahhhh, I am stuck in my childhood. But thank gawd my mom never made these scary meat mold things or if she did it will come out in therapy. Hey, maybe that's why I collect old cookbooks, hmmmm.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I remember my mom saying "children should be seen and not heard". While I accepted the premise behind that I still thought it was funny. And of course, my sisters and my brother and I WERE heard. And in reading Amy Vanderbilt's rules (in the background of this illo) I see that we were darned well behaved children - something I knew anyway after seeing the crap my friends got away with - I do my best to have my children be the same - autism is a blessing in this case - rules are meant to be followed - so quite often my autistic son is the best mannered child at gatherings because he knows how to follow rules. Last night I attended a focus group for parents of older children with autism with regards to future programming - the meeting was great, the bed at the hotel they booked me was AMAZING and talk about - quiet OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, this "button-your-lip" illo is for Illustration Friday "Quiet".

Thanks to all who stop by and comment - much appreciated.