Friday, June 11, 2010

They Draw and Cook

I really, really, really want to do a recipe to submit to this fabulous project.

Just browsing through the stuff already there is inspiring enough but I want to play too. So, this week I will make a recipe to submit. I swear. Here's a recipe I can't submit unless I make it in a different size. Plus they want spreads and all my recipes thus far are two-sided.

Now what to make...

The illos for the alphabet book are all finished with only 2 revisions out of 27 so I'm pretty happy 'bout that. I'll post some when I'm allowed - hush hush and all that.

I'll leave you with two little ATCs of the Boob Faerie. She visits girls in their early teens. She visited both my sisters and ran out by the time she got to me. As time goes by it looks like she visited my brother too!