Saturday, February 10, 2007


Apparently I have been tagged by my longtime illo buddy Maggie. I need to state 6 weird things about myself. Should be easy.

1. For at least 3 years now at some point in the day I look at the clock at 11:11 or 1:11. AM or PM. Doesn't matter. It always takes me by surprise. If I look at the clock and it's 11:10 I will not look again and just like that I either look by accident at 1:11 or the next 11:11. One day I missed and the next I was replying to an email that came the previous day at - you guessed it - 11:11.

2. I have 18 clocks in my house. Not counting watches. I don't wear a watch. I do have 2 in my bag/purse tho.

3. I have watched Coronation Street since I was a kid - that means for over 30 years. Not weird I think, but I do watch every weeknight at 7 if possible and then again on Sunday at 7:30am all over again in case I missed something. Really just an excuse to lounge in bed with mags and sketchbook every Sunday morning.

4. I like to sit in the shower. If it's morning with a coffee. At night, a glass of wine.

5. I collect toys. I don't let my kids play with them.

Okay the last wasn't that weird. So now I'm tagging:

another Julie






Okeedokee. So you have to answer the same questions and respond with your answers and send to six more, you know the drill. This was WAAAYYYYY easier that that 100 question one that went around!