Saturday, August 02, 2008

Busy busy busy!

So in addition to it being summer and kids at home I've been making stuff for a table we took at our Saturday morning Farmer's Market. I'm selling journal/notebooks that I make and journals that I make out of old hardcover books - I like Hardy Boys and Donna Parker books the best because I use the illustrations from the book and bind them in with the blank pages. 

Also selling funky hooks and Lego earrings. Terry is selling our screen printed Ts as well as some thermal-print Ts with old B movie poster images etc. It's going well so far. Won't retire on it by any stretch!


TanyaMac said...

Those are great wee suitcases, everything is really nicely presented :) If I go to Canada will I see lots of folks running around with lego in their ears? I'd love to share a stall with you girl, we'd have great craic!

katilady said...

Jules I didn't know you sold stuff! We'll have to talk about xmas gifts--my mom LOVES your work!

Mrs.B said...

Is this your original artwork?...well, you go girl.
I love EVERYTHING on here.


DMG said...

Ooohhhhh, I rmember my Donna Parker books! Great artwork too!

Emily said...

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