Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toy for Illustration Friday

Oh my god, where to start? More importantly where to finish?! I love toys. I have far too many, especially retro ones, robots, heck even hot wheels. These two pics were for a clown theme but they're still toys. I'm sure I'll have to do at least one new image before the week is out.


studio lolo said...

I love these!! The boy's expression is priceless as the 'jack-in-the-box pops up!

Clowns have always frightened me, but then there have always been the ones that melt my heart.

I know about the ducks that you told me about! it must be a sight to see :)

GregL said...

Very nice and very frightening!

get zapped said...

fantastic! Great colors and expressions.

Jess said...

Lovely and colourful, just my thing! :)

Robert said...

Very cool. Love the colors and concepts. Great job

Art by Andy Bauer said...

Great work!

Aajwanthi said...

Love your style! The collages are so fun and colourful :) Even your previous posts! Thanks for the visit and all the best with all your great work!

Wanda said...

Juli, I wanted to thank you for your comment,especially because that made me dicover your blog, I love it! And I love retro toys too!
I'll stop by again.

Mister Hope said...

These are awesome !
And thanks for stoppin' by my site to leave a comment ! I just stopped by your etsy shop also, and i love some of the things you have on there ! Excellent.

Kay Aker said...

Beguiling and astonishing!Love!

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