Sunday, June 26, 2005


I've missed the last few Illustration Friday's with the move at all but we're settled in now for the most part. I'm going the mushy route this time with the topic. My sister gave a big party yesterday for my 12-year-old nephew (at a vintage 50's decor Bowlerama - it was sooooo cool) to celebrate a full year of being cancer free after 3 1/2 years of treatment for leukemia. WTG Graydon!!!!! And my other hero is my son's aide at school. She's been with him since he started 4 years ago and she is smart, funny, patient and perfect with him. Unfortunately another little guy with autism is starting in our board in the fall and he needs her more than we do :-( So this is the painting I've made for her. The theme of fish-out-of-water applies on a few levels, the letters are because he's a spelling genius (no really!) and the water tower is in the town where she will be commuting to for work now. We'll really miss her. If she doesn't like the painting I also got her a pound of the best chocolates in Canada lol.


Anonymous said...

how lovely...personal art always means a lot, i'm sure she'll be very touched. it's such a shame that our government can't pay for more people like her, they give children like yours a chance at integrating successfully into society as adults,and help to let the teachers teach.

Michelle said...

I'm sure she'll love this great painting.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of every day heroes. The orange, blue and green colors looks so good together.


kan said...

Hey...this reminds me of my fresh fish and Nemo.
Very nice. I love the trees. You have such neat stuff here.

Thanks for the nice comments. : )