Saturday, July 23, 2005


I guess I could have used this for last week's Illustration Friday topic "karma". All I could think of last week was the time a seagull crapped on my head while in was in the line-up for Ziggy's fries. While it may have been cathartic to draw and purge myself of the bad karma I just couldn't do it!

This is one in a set of coasters I'm designing.


Rebeccashane said...

Very cute :O) I like your idea..

Perriette said...

Oh yes, gotta watch for those seagulls! Ever had a hoard of them attack you for your food? hee hee, like a scene out of The Birds.

Your illustration is wonderful as usual. Love the colors and border.

Ginger *:) said...

Excellent interpretation and great humor there! I actually have sweatshirts older than my kids and they are grown!
I won't even go into how old I feel when I meet former students with their children. And I refuse to recognize any of their grandchildren.